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icons by beyondrecovery

fashionvixen icons
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icons of all sorts including fashion and stock

Welcome to the icon community of beyondrecovery. Here you’ll find all sorts of icons, fashion related and otherwise. You can reasonably expect icons related to any of the items listed in the interests section.
Rules and Guidelines
1) Please read the following carefully
Comments and credit are always appreciated but not required. If you do choose to credit, please credit beyondrecovery @ fashionvixen so that people know to come here for the icons and not my personal journal.

3) Please don't hotlink! This results in broken links, which is bad for everyone involved.

4) You obviously do not have to join the community to see the icons but it would be lovely if you did. I’d feel all warm and squishy inside, and wouldn’t that be nice?

Resources can be found here
The layout was created by thefulcrum
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If you would like to be an affiliate, comment on this post
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